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Lewy Body Journal: Our Family's Experience with Lewy Body Disease
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Dad Passed Away in March 2007

With deep regret we announce that our father passed away in March 2007, ten months after our mother. He died peacefully at home at age 90. Dad cared for Mother during the many years she lived with Lewy body disease. Despite the great emotional toll, he saw to it that she was cared for well at home. As he said, he and Mother had agreed that they would take care of each other as they aged. She took care of him in 1996 as he recovered from a small stroke. Now, he would care for her.

Dad was born in 1917 and served as first lieutenant in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. He valued education and finished college at night while working days. He was a small business owner and was active in his religious community. He is survived by his four children and five grandchildren.

Lewy Body Journal was important to Dad. As you know, it is difficult for outsiders to know what we are experiencing. LBJ allowed Dad to convey to family and friends Mother's condition and what he was going through. He also saw it as an opportunity to educate others about the disease. He referred many health care professionals to the Web site. Although LBJ provided him some consolation, he never read the Journal, because it was too painful for him. He had lived through it, so there was no need.

Dad was very dear to us. He was a model of devotion. He will be missed.

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