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Lewy Body Journal: Our Family's Experience with Lewy Body Disease
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Robin Williams's Widow's Article

October 2016: Susan Williams published an article in the medical journal Neurology about their ordeal with LBD. Read more

Lewy Body Composite Risk Score

July 2016: A 3-minute test has been devised that is fairly accurate in diagnosing LBD and distinguishing it from Alzheimer's disease. Read more

LBD in The Guardian

November 2015: The Guardian newspaper has a moving article about a woman dealing with LBD. The article covers the problems she had getting a diagnosis, her current experiences, and the effects on her family. Read more

Robin Williams and LBD

November 2015: After actor and comedian Robin Williams committed suicide in August 2014, it was believed that depression had led to his death. Now his widow, Susan Williams, blamed his death on LBD. Read more

Mechanism for the Spread of Lewy Bodies; and the Role of Alpha-Synuclein

September 2014: The spread of alpha-synuclein, which forms Lewy bodies, has been observed in the human brain. Also, the role that alpha-synuclein normally plays in the brain has been studied. Read more

The Brain's Stress Response and Dementia

March 2014: Memory and thinking problems may be due to a failure in the brain's stress response system. A stress response system that works well may protect the brain from the abnormal proteins seen in dementia. Read more

Genetic Biomarker of LBD Identified

July 2013: A genetic biomarker that occurs in 20% of those with LBD has been discovered. This may sometimes allow for more accurate diagnosis of LBD and aid future research. Read more

Anle138b Prevents Clumping of Alpha-Synuclein Protein

April 2013: Researchers have developed a chemical compound called Anle138b that inhibits the clumping of protein in nerve cells seen in Parkinson's disease and Lewy body disease. Read more

The Spread of Lewy Bodies

November 2012: Researchers have learned that the abnormal protein that forms Lewy bodies spreads from cell to cell and causes the damage associated with Parkinson's disease. Read more

Alzheimer's Spread and its Implications for LBD

February 2012: Researchers have learned that abnormal protein spreads from cell to cell. Read more

Journalist Writes about Her Mother's LBD

January 2012: A British journalist asks why her mother's LBD couldn't have been diagnosed sooner. Read more

October is LBD Awareness Month

October 2011: October has been designated Lewy Body Dementia Awareness Month. Read more

Adult ADHD as a Precursor of LBD

January 2011: Symptoms of adult ADHD (impulsivity and hyperactivity) were three times more frequent in those who later developed LBD than those who didn't. Read more

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) Can Precede LBD by Decades

August 2010: The onset of RBD can precede the onset of LBD and other disorders by decades in one case by 50 years. Read more

Apathy and Depression Predict Progression from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Dementia

July 2010: People with mild cognitive impairment and either apathy or depression are more likely to develop dementia, including LBD, than those with mild cognitive impairment alone. Read more

Researchers Study How the Precursors of Lewy Bodies Develop

April 2010: Clumps of alpha-synuclein protein are found in Lewy bodies. Researchers have now studied how alpha-synuclein molecules clump together into an intermediate form. Read more

Scientists Find that Lewy Bodies Spread from Cell to Cell

August 2009: Lewy bodies spread as Lewy body disease progresses, but the mechanism was not known. Scientists have now determined that alpha-synuclein, the protein Lewy bodies are composed of, spreads from cell to cell. Read more

Scientists Identify Toxicity Mechanism for Lewy Bodies

January 2009: Lewy bodies kill brain cells, but the mechanism was not known. Scientists think they have now identified the mechanism. Also, new research supports the finding that a kind of sleep disorder is related to the probability of developing LBD. Read more

Cardiologist Publishes Memoir about His Own Parkinson's and LBD

April 2008: Thomas Graboys, a Boston cardiologist and Harvard professor, published his memoir Life in the Balance: A Physician's Memoir of Life, Love, and Loss with Parkinson's Disease and Dementia. Read more

Kathie Lee Gifford's Father Had LBD

August 2007: Kathie Lee Gifford revealed that her father, who died in 2002, had LBD. She left her popular TV show in 2000 to be with him. Also, actress Estelle Getty has LBD. Read more

New Research to Help Diagnose LBD

May 2007: Researchers have made discoveries that could help diagnose or predict LBD. First, people with an extreme form of sleep disorder have a high probability of getting LBD or Parkinson's disease. Second, researchers are trying to develop a blood test for Parkinson's, which could also apply to LBD. Third, people with LBD tend to experience passive personality changes. Read more

Researchers Identify Genetic Factor Related to LBD

July 2006: Researchers found that a mutation in a particular gene correlates with the occurrence of Lewy body disease. Of the patients tested, 23% had the mutation. The same gene is involved in a rare illness called Gaucher disease. Read more

Former L.A. Times Publisher Chandler Dies from LBD

February 2006: Otis Chandler, longtime publisher of the Los Angeles Times, died at age 78 from Lewy body disease. In his 20 years as publisher, he transformed the paper into one of the country's best. Read more

LBD Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice

June 2005: Scientists at the University of California at San Diego created a vaccine consisting of the protein that forms Lewy bodies. Vaccinated mice developed antibodies that reduced the Lewy body protein levels. Read more

Economist Robert Heilbroner Dies After Bout with LBD

January 2005: After a three-year bout with Lewy body disease, Robert Heilbroner, one of the most influential economic historians of the 20th century, died at age 85. Read more


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