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Lewy Body Journal: Our Family's Experience with Lewy Body Disease
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Journal Contents

1. Who Mother Was

Mother was born in 1927 and grew up in the Bronx, New York. Mother's immediate family consisted only of her parents and a younger brother who died in childhood, but she had a large extended family of many cousins, aunts, and uncles with whom she was very close. Family was always important to her. Her own mother suffered from a form of dementia (although we don't know the specific type — back then, these things weren't diagnosed as well as today) and died in her late seventies. We are unaware of any other family member suffering from dementia.

"An excellent student, Mother earned two master's degrees"
Mother attended the New York City public schools then went to college, where she earned a bachelor's degree. An excellent student, she subsequently earned a master's degree in education. While in her forties, Mother returned to school for a second master's degree in learning disabilities education.

Mother married Dad in the early 1950s. Eventually, they moved to a suburb of New York City, where they raised their four children.

Mother was a teacher. First, she taught in the New York City public school system. After moving to the suburbs and while her children were young, Mother taught business education classes at the adult school, which offered continuing education classes at night at the local high school. Because of Mother, many women who had taken time off to raise their children learned the skills they needed to return to the workforce. When her children were older and in school, Mother taught elementary school children who had learning disabilities. After she retired from teaching, Mother volunteered at the town library and soon afterward became a staff member there.

"Mother led a full, active, and healthy life"
Mother was also very active in the community. She was president of the local and county chapters of the League of Women Voters, chairperson of the town planning board which approved all new building construction, treasurer of the friends of the library, and treasurer of the town museum. She participated in other community activities as well.

Mother had diverse interests. She loved to read books on many different subjects, and she particularly enjoyed mysteries. She followed politics closely. Mother was adept at many needlecrafts including intricate bobbin lace and knitting. She loved spending time outdoors, be it hiking or sitting in the backyard watching the squirrels and the birds. She had many friends and acquaintances. She never hesitated to visit someone who was ill or to offer her assistance. In sum, she led a full, active, and healthy life.

Journal Introduction
2. First Hints of Trouble
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